WBPSC Clerkship 1998 Question Paper PDF Download with Answer Key

WBPSC Clerkship 1998 Question Paper PDF Download with Answer Key

WBPSC Clerkship 1998 Question Paper PDF Download with Answer Key: নমস্কার, বন্ধুরা আমরা আজকে এখানে  তোমাদের সঙ্গে 1998 সালের West Bengal Clerkship Exam Previous Year Question Paper নিয়ে এসেছি PDF আকারে। 1998 সালে WBPSC Clerkship 1998 পরীক্ষা হয়  1st ও 2nd half -এ। সেগুলি নিচে দেওয়া লিংক থেকে বিনামূল্যে ডাউনলোড করে নাও। 

WBPSC Clerkship 1998 Question Paper থেকে কিছু প্রশ্ন দেওয়া হল :

1. Liquid metal is 

[A] Gallium

[B] Lithium

[C] Potassium

[D] Sodium

2. Colour of the blood is red due to

[A] Vitamin

[B] Protein

[C] Haemoglobin


3. Scurvy disease is due to the absence of 

[A] Vitamin A

[B] Vitamin B

[C] Vitamin C

[D] Vitamin D

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4. The name of the last Delhi Sultan is

[A] Ibrahim Lodi

[B] Mubarak Shah

[C] Sikandar Lodi

[D] Khigir Khan

5. The name of the leader called Likamanya is

[A] Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

[B] Chittaranjan Das

[C] Bal Gangadhar Tilak

[D] None of them

6. The Farakka Barrage distributes water between

[A] India and Bangladesh

[B] Punjab and Pakistan

[C] Andhrapradesh and Tamilnadu

[D] Assam and West Bengal

7. Raniganj in West Bengal is noted for its good quality

[A] Woollen garments

[B] Manganese deposits

[C] Copper deposits

[D] Coal deposits


8. The headquarters fo SAARC is at

[A] Kathmandu

[B] New Delhi

[C] Dhaka

[D] Islamabad


9. ‘Dahan’ is a Bengali film  directed by

[A] Mrinal Sen

[B] Aparna Sen

[C] Tapan Sinha

[D] Rituparna Ghosh


10. Beneficial bacteria is  

[A] Clostridium

[B] Bacteriophage

[C] Penicillin

[D] Yeast

11) Barometer used for measuring

[A] Energy

[B] Temperature

[C] Pressure

[D] Humidity

12) Cancer is caused by

[A] Bacteria

[B] Fungus

[C] Virus

[D] Protozoa

13) Which of the following games is not included in the Olympic games?

[A] Archery

[B] Cycling

[C] Skiing

[D] Cricket

14) World Environment Day is 

[A] 11th July

[B] 24th Septemeber

[C] 3rd October

[D] 5th June

15) Thermal Power is obtained from

[A] Petroleum

[B] Water

[C] Coal

[D] Tide

16) Organic Acid found in lemon is 

[A] Tartaric Acid

[B] Lactic Acid

[C] Citric Acid

[D] Acetic Acid


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